Architectural Review Instructions

Trotter Farm is a planned community with rules and guidelines which are designed to help protect property values, ensure safety, enable homeowners to maximize the value and utilization of their properties and support the enjoyment of its community members.

As such, any exterior modification to a home or site in the community requires approval from the Architectural Review Committee.  Below, please find the Application for Architectural Review that must be completed and submitted with all  to the following:

EMAIL: [email protected] AND [email protected]

FAX: 814-308-9601

Please note that the Committee has up to 30 days to review a complete request and written approval must be provided prior to commencement. If you cannot find the relevant guideline(s) OR if you have any questions or concerns regarding the guidelines, please contact us for assistance. The Architectural Review Committee is comprised of an HOA Board Member and a Community Home Owner.  The intention of the Architectural Review Committee is to be of service to community homeowners. Our intention is to help enable all of us to maximize the value and utilization of our properties while complying with the community use restrictions, guidelines and declarations acknowledged and agreed upon by all Trotter Farm Home owners. 

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